Welcome to the 'Put a L.I.D. on it'
We think cycling helmets are a good thing and want to make them so affordable, so portable and so available that more people will choose to wear one.
To start with, we want to make them easily available to Santander Cycles users.

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Our Plan

Our plan is to make low-cost, collapsible cycle helmets available next to bike share docking stations. We looked around and couldn’t find a suitable existing product, so we’ve designed our own. L.I.D. is our patented solution.

We will not compromise safety and functionality for cost. Our helmet will be tested to global safety testing standards and will only be launched once it has passed the tests.

We Need Your Help

New product launches need a strong following in order to succeed. This site has been created to build that following by raising awareness of our helmet and keeping our supporters in the loop of our progress.

We need your help to spread the word and help us to reach more likeminded citizens who would prefer to see cyclists wearing helmets.

Please sign up to our mailing list and tell your friends, boss, MP, Boris Johnson to do the same. 



Sam Terry, a keen cyclist and Londoner, realised that the key is convenience. Cyclists need to be able to purchase a helmet at, or near, a bike scheme docking station. The helmet needs to be low-cost enough to purchase for one-time use – a bit like a cheap umbrella!

The helmet also needs to be portable. Sam considered all the helmets currently available. Traditional cycle helmets were bulky, collapsible helmets were pricey (and most just don’t collapse enough). The only option was design a new solution – L.I.D. was born!

L.I.D. is the only collapsible helmet that reduces to the size of a couple of books so it WILL fit in your rucksack, handbag, satchel or briefcase. If we achieve our funding targets, we will sell it for the price of a budget umbrella. Most importantly it will protect the wearer. It will be thoroughly tested and certified to global safety standards. Let’s stop head injuries ruining everyone’s day!





Latest News


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LID-Helmet ISO Rendering

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Well here we go! Welcome to our campaign to encourage Boris bikers to wear cycle helmets. The whole thing is the brainchild of Sam Terry who was a cyclist commuter […]

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More News

Our thanks to all our friends who have helped us get started


We’ve focused on the London bike share system because we’re a bunch of Londoners who want to address the problem on our doorstep. Nevertheless, we would love to hear from anyone outside London with other opportunities for our low cost collapsible helmet solution.

If you want to drop us a line about this or if you think you can help us in any other way, Please use the sign-up section to get on board  or contact us at: